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I've moved.
Moved to a new apartment by myself.
The whole move went off very smoothly, considering how much I've accumulated.
I was also very emotional. The last place gave me so much: helped me heal, got myself three jobs, watched my team win the treble.
I don't know what kind of luck this place will hold or how long I'll be here.

I keep repeating Jack Canfield'a quote: "Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

I'm living by myself for the first time. I am scared. I've always been used to people living around me, hearing their voices, their movements, their lives.

While the silence is welcome, it can be unnerving. I get back to work tomorrow and it'll be different, coming back to a new place. For the first time in almost four years I craved human company. It feels weird having only yourself in a house.

I keep asking my parents to come visit. I don't want to be isolated, yet, I turn down almost every social invite. I am strange.

Here's to new adventures, new memories, and new lives!


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